Postpartum Weight Loss Chronicles

It has officially been 1 month since I had my little nugget. The last few weeks from a recovery standpoint have been really great all things considered. I feel really blessed because I know some women can’t walk for a few weeks post labor or have other recovery issues that hinder them for several weeks. Week 1 post baby I was walking the neighborhood and since then I try and do at least one 20-30 minute walk a day. Last week, I started adding in Peloton rides as well as core and pelvic recovery classes. My 6 week check in appointment is on the horizon and I am excited to chat with my doctor about how things have been going.

I am pumped to document my weight loss journey and I know many of you have expressed excitement in reading up on said journey. Most of you might know this but if not, this won’t be my first weight loss rodeo. In 2012, I lost somewhere around 40 pounds in college (I don’t know my true starting weight but have a rough estimate from a random on campus doctors appointment). Good old fashion hard work with my diet and exercise is how I got it off then and how I will do it now. For a reference point, at 41 weeks and 6 days (sheesh) I gained a total of 55 pounds (thanks to my doctors office healthcare app for keeping track of that final weigh in at the hospital). 2 weeks postpartum I was down 28 pounds. 5 weeks postpartum I am down another 5 pounds. So, I have 22 pounds to go! From here on out I will do monthly weigh ins / measurements and be sure to document my progress here. Something to note, at 4 weeks postpartum is when I officially started tracking my macros. The first 4 weeks being home with the baby was full of meals from family and friends which we were SO thankful for.

TIP for you all that have friends who are pregnant or who just had a baby. Bring them meals or gift cards to restaurants that do pick up or delivery. Even though I had tons of chicken prepped in the freezer and other easy items I knew I could whip up quickly, meals already made or could be easily ordered was the MOST helpful for us well beyond anything else we received for baby.

It has not been all sunshine and rainbows thus far. We had my sons dedication this past weekend and I saw some pictures of myself and was a little discouraged on how I looked. Instead of throwing in the towel, having a meltdown or an untracked meal I quickly reminded myself true weight loss is a slow and steady process. I am averaging 2 pounds of weight loss a week which is exactly where I want to be right now. It is also encouraging to know that my weight loss is coming from tracking macros/calories since I am not able to go full tilt on exercise just yet.

Cooking with a newborn does have its challenges. I have truly relied on the crock pot and oven for easy dinners that makes enough for leftovers. Also, at Casa de Mallard we do not underestimate the power of a good ole turkey or peanut butter and jelly sandwich, lol! I will share easy meals where I can on the blog as well.

Thank you for your encouragement and for following along. Can’t wait to share my progress with you all! I’ll leave you with a throw back transformation photo.

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