Pregnancy Workout Clothes

Just jumping right in from a PowerCleanEats hiatus to talk about pregnancy workout clothing!!! Exciting stuff!!! As I near the end of being pregnant I thought I would share some of the workout clothes that have really hit the mark for this giant mama. I also feel like everyone is pregnant right now so, I hope this can help some fellow mamas! I have (of course) have worn these to workout in hence the title of this post but, these options are also great for lounging when working out just aint happening. Which I am here to say, is OKAY.


Lulu Align Leggings: I wore these prior to pregnancy and I had heard everyone say you can wear your normal size throughout pregnancy and they will grow with you and then, shrink back. Can confirm you are able to wear these throughout pregnancy. I did buy a few pairs one size up towards 35+ weeks but it was not necessary. Worth the investment.

Lulu Align Biker Shorts 8″: I never wore biker shorts prior to being pregnant but knew I needed some during the summertime. I size up two sizes on these because I felt my legs looked like stuffed sausages. I also went for the longer 8″ pair so they would not roll up.

Old Navy Biker Shorts: I like these better than the aligns. They are thicker and the belly band is much larger which makes sense because these are maternity vs align which are not.

Honorable mention: Lulu speed shorts (I went one size up)


Old Navy Racerback Tank: These are my favorite tanks and they are super inexpensive. I stocked up on a few colors. They are great for workouts but also running around with maternity jeans! I am pretty short (5’4) but I felt like these were super long and I didn’t have to worry about my bump showing.

Lulu All Yours T-shirt: These are my FAV t-shirts pregnant or not but , since being pregnant I have lived in them the entire pregnancy. They are great for working out when you are just feeling BIG and don’t want to wear a tank. They are also perfect for working from home. They are a boyfriend oversized fit vs the love t-shirt which is a bit more fitted. I know this t-shirt is more on the pricey side. I did try the American Eagle boyfriend t-shirt and it did not compare imo.

Lulu Back in Action Short Sleeve: I loved the back in action long sleeve pre-pregnancy so I knew during the summer I would like the short sleeve version for pregnancy. While I do prefer the all yours this is a great flowy option and the back side is a bit longer to cover your bum.

Honorable mention: Old Navy PowerSoft Side-Shirred Racer-Back Shelf Bra Tank Top: This tank was much tighter than the other racerback mentioned above. If you like the tighter fit for the bump then, go for it! I did love the tank but preferred a looser fit.


Old Navy Light Support PowerChill: OK, this has been far my FAVORITE purchase. They work for working out but they also work with dresses/dress clothes. They are so comfortable and have solid coverage. I wonder if I will love these post-pregnancy.

Old Navy Medium Support PowerPress: This bra has a bit more coverage and is a big tighter. Better for working out but not as comfortable as the previous one above. These are so affordable its worth stocking up on a. few.

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