Lately 10.25.22

Not only do I love reading life lately type of posts from bloggers I feel like it is such an old school blog thing to do so, I am going for it. A little life, a little fitness and a little food.

We got our newborn photos back from my wedding photographer and I literally love every single photo. SO happy I did newborn photos when I did (9 days after birth) and even happier I booked my wedding photographer. The time spent with her was so sweet.

Speaking of the baby, Andrew and I just started talking about Christmas decor and gifts for this year (crazy!!). What does one buy a one month old? I said nothing (lol!) or maybe a some new toys for when he is older?!

I had my six week post baby doctors appointment and while it was nice to talk to my doctor about how I am doing I really do wish postpartum care was better. I think doctors go through the motions on clearing moms for exercise and sex right at six weeks despite being good to go physically or mentally. I am going to brainstorm how I can make an impact on postpartum care. I have a lot of thoughts on this topic now with my experience.

Drinking: I posted on my IG feed about Cometeer coffee but it deserves a spot on the blog. Andrew and I cannot stop raving about these coffee pods. We recently ran out and have been anxiously awaiting our next shipment. We get the dark roast pack and the coffee is SO good and flavorful. Andrew puts his pods in the keruig or drinks it over ice (both options black). I prefer mine as iced coffee or an iced latte. Cometeer is a subscription based coffee system. They partner with roasters to bring the best coffee in a little flash frozen cup. If you want to try it here is $25 off your first order click here –

Eating: This past week we did turkey chili and pork loin for dinner. Those both ended up being our lunches as well. Currently, looking up and brainstorming meals for the upcoming week. Thinking about making this:

We have been loving the egg white cups from Costco. TRY them. They are ridiculous and a quick food option if you have a baby or are short on time.

I do want to make some little protein energy balls next week. I eat these awesome ones from a local smoothie place and I feel like I could easily re-create them myself. They have oats, chocolate chips, protein powder and almond butter. So, be on the lookout for that!

Fitness: Since I am ‘cleared’ to workout now (although I cleared my own self two weeks ago!) I am thinking about joining orange theory a few days a week. I really enjoyed going with my mom and it may been a good workout to ease back into heavy lifting before I even think about Crossfit again. TBD! I am also still doing the pre and postnatal Peloton classes. There are 26 classes and they vary from spin to core classes. I am enjoying those as well as I get back into working out harder.

I have run the Knoxville half marathon three time now. I saw that the race is happening again Spring 2023 (2021 the race was in the Fall). Pondering if I want to sign up for this. I haven’t ran yet and really haven’t in a long while. Not sure if I can be ready for a half in 5-6 months. Especially as it is starting to get colder outside. But, this is something fun to think about doing and time will tell as I get back into OTF and assess where I am at in my run game.

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