That One Time I did Whole30

A highly anticipated post for folks that followed along my January Whole30 journey on Instagram. I wanted to share my results as well as WHY I chose to do Whole30. I’m actually going to start with my results because I wasn’t really fair with them. Before the holidays hit, I had been following my macros fairly strictly and lost about 6 pounds. Once the holidays hit I obviously tracked loosely and enjoyed myself. Once January rolled around I KNEW I had gained a little weight back but I didn’t weigh OR take a Day 1 picture for Whole30. I was a little self conscience to say the least. So from a results stand point, from my lowest weight before the holidays to after Whole30 on January 31st I only lost about 3 pounds. Which I am incredibly happy about! I still want to lose another 8-10 pounds but that is more information for another post. So, the picture you see above L to R is Day 10 Day 19 and Day 31. What you don’t see from the above picture is all of the non-scale victories that happened while on Whole30.

– My skin cleared up
– My energy was through the roof  I did not have the 2p.m. crash
– My sleep improved
– My lower stomach never once felt bloated which is incredible for me
– I pushed harder in workouts
– I felt amazing, strong, healthier

I decided to do the Whole30 for a couple of different reasons but the main one being I wanted to to break-up with my sugar addiction. I wanted to also be more cognizant of the types of food I was putting in my body, to actually read ingredient labels, to eat more fresh less processed food and to FEEL better. Breaking up with sugar was difficult, not having cheese or alcohol for 30 days was not impossible. Anyone can do this challenge and I promise you if you decide to do it, you will not regret it.

In the coming weeks I will share with you all my Whole30 staples as well as a few easy Whole30 recipes including a yummy muffin recipe! Cheers!

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