Lately 10.25.22

Not only do I love reading life lately type of posts from bloggers I feel like it is such an old school blog thing to do so, I am going for it. A little life, a little fitness and a little food. We got our newborn photos back from my wedding photographer and I literallyContinue reading “Lately 10.25.22”

Weekly Haul: Costco

I love when my favorite influencers post grocery hauls. Bonus points if they divide out grocery items out by carb, fat and protein. I did not do that in my photo for you today but I will try and divide out in descriptions below. Today I actually re-opened my Costco membership. I had been goingContinue reading “Weekly Haul: Costco”

Easy Asian Chicken

Easy recipes are my jam. Anything that I can make without following a thousand instructions will win my heart over time and time again. That is what you will find on PCE. Easy, quick recipes that are also very tasty! This easy asian chicken is great with cauliflower rice / white rice. This recipe isContinue reading “Easy Asian Chicken”


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