Whole30 January Results

Another month done and dusted and I am excited to share my results from Whole30 January (and coincidentally a 5 month postpartum update). While Whole30 seemed daunting and difficult it truly was life changing and easy once I got the hang of it. See my takeaways and results below!

  1. Coffee does taste good without sugary syrups and heavy creamer. During Whole30 I started using our regular coffee pot vs Keurig. bought some legit coffee (aka not the cheapo stuff) and it was a game changer. We also got a Nespresso during Whole30 and I do love that coffee as well. I don’t drink it black, my favorite Nutpod flavor is Vanilla.
  2. Meal prep is KEY. Since Whole30 is so limiting meal prep is a MUST even if it is just for the next day or two. It is very easy to NOT eat or break and eat something non-compliant because you are not prepared.
  3. Diet soda is trash. Or any soda really. I can survive without it and so can you. If you want to freak yourself out Google fake sugar and how your body digests it. Spindrift is my new ‘soda’.
  4. Lara bars are just giant raisins and I don’t mean that in a good way. I may take a break from these going forward.
  5. Seeing results from hard work, planning and self control is motivating. I don’t just mean a number on the scale as far as results go. Feeling GOOD, light and full of energy is life changing.
  6. I can eat out with my family and go to social functions while staying on track. It does take some preparation and self control but I promise you can make it happen. Note: I don’t stress if something is cooked in a non-compliant oil.
  7. Desserts are good and sugar is fun but once you give it up you truly wont crave it as much.

If you are thinking about doing Whole30, I promise you will survive 30 days without dairy and alcohol (those are the two people complain to me most about not being able to give up). Your body will thank you for giving those two specific pieces up. I promise!

For the results.. total loss 13lbs

Over the next month my goal is to get the last 9lbs off and I will be at my pre-baby weight goal! My plan is to continue to do Whole30 with a meal on the weekend that is non-compliant.

Coming soon to you! My Whole30 thirty day guide. It will be an exact meal plan to follow with recipes that I followed. I hope you will find this useful. Cheers!

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