My Whole30 Staples + NEW! Mom Resources

Sugar is my addiction and if I had to guess probably yours as well. It is in nearly everything we eat and we seemingly cannot escape it. Losing weight, living a healthy lifestyle, staying free of illnesses etc etc. does not include eating sugar, period. Personally, to cut out sugar I had to start slow and and make subtle swaps in my every day food. Above are my current staples eating sugar free (Whole30 January). Small changes lead to big results. Share your sugar free swaps with me in the comments below!

HERE is a great resource for sugar free SALSA, BUFFALO SAUCE, BBQ SAUCE AND MARINARA.

If you follow me on IG you know I added a mom resource tab to my website. So far, I have uploaded a Google doc for soon to be moms and new moms. This doc has EVERYTHING. Hospital necessities, registry items, nursing and baby must haves. I spent a good amount of time on this doc so, I hope it is helpful for you! Before I had my son, I SCOURED the internet for blogs on registries and baby must haves. Now that I have a 4 month old there is so much that I have learned from trial and error plus some items that I might have purchased that I didn’t end up needing etc etc. I will say every birth / baby is SO different so, just keep that in mind! I will update this periodically with the latest items we are loving!

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