Weekly Haul: Costco

I love when my favorite influencers post grocery hauls. Bonus points if they divide out grocery items out by carb, fat and protein. I did not do that in my photo for you today but I will try and divide out in descriptions below. Today I actually re-opened my Costco membership. I had been going with a few pals over the past few months but finally pulled the trigger on my own membership. We are members at Sams so I really didn’t see the point but then I ran out of my Bare Natural chicken nuggets and went into panic mode. See below some of my staples from my haul today!

Protein: Bare Natural Nuggets – loves these in the air fryer with a protein waffle or on a salad. About 5 nuggets = 6 fat, 9 carb, 16 protein.

Beef Jerky – so good. Andrew loves beef jerky as a snack, which I’m cool with because of how high in protein it is.

Organic ground turkey – easy for tacos and burrito bowls. Comes with 3 1lb pouches.

Mozzarella bites – easy little protein packs with three little mozzarella bites! 5 fat and 5 protein.

Carbs: Dried Mangos – warning these are dangerously good :O great if you need a quick carb / something for your sweet tooth.

Balsamic roasted frozen veggies – these are new to me, will report back!

Siete tortillas – a staple for me these are sooo good. 2 tortillas = 13 fat, 20 carb, 6 protein. Not the high fat here.

Fat: Veggies made great muffins – Andrew and I both loves these for a quick breakfast. Pop them in the oven if you can they taste 100% better.

Guac pods – for tacos, burrito bowls, on top of an English muffin, with carrots. 8 fat, 5 carb, 1 protein.

Peanut butter pretzels – I actually do NOT like these. I am not a huge pretzel OR PB fan but Andrew loves these as a snack

Other: Spindriff – my FAVORITE sparkling water hands down. Grapefruit is the bomb.

Chicken Noodle soup – I saw someone post about this soup and rave about it. Can report, it is very good! Not too many noodles, big hunks of rotisserie chicken.. bam! So good / easy to eat.

What are your Costco staples? What do I need to try next?!

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