Smokey Sweet Brussels Sprouts

When Andrew and I graduated college we both lived with our parents while we worked in corporate America. We saw each other about once or twice a week depending on our schedules. Which just a quick PSA on doing that. I know getting an apartment would have been easier for us but we chose to save money by living at home (thankfully we had that luxury) and now we have been in our first home for about two years now and we would haven’t been able to do that if we didn’t live at home and save for a few years. So if you are on the fence of living with your parents vs apartment life I recommend the first option and to save save save!

Back to the recipe and the point of the story 🙂 because Andrew and I only saw each other on the weekend we either went out to dinner for date night or stayed in and cooked. We would change it up from time to time. There was short stint where we ordered tons of Home Chef. Something about cooking a brand new meal together just sounded fun. I am a huge advocate of Home Chef. I have never had a bad meal, everything is very fresh and easy to make. Some of our now staples have come from Home Chef recipes. Insert, smoky sweet Brussels. Prior to Home Chef I would have never thought to combined apples and Brussels but here we are!

Smokey Sweet Brussels Recipe

Notes: Makes about 4 servings. Prep time 10 minutes. Cook time 15 hour. Super simple recipe. Think spicy sweet but warm, comforting and healthy.

Recipe Ingredients:
Brussels sprouts
1 medium apple
2 tbsp EVOO
2 tbsp Butt Rub Seasoning

Recipe Instructions:

  1. Trim stems off Brussels sprouts and half them vertically
  2. Quarter apple and remove core. Cut into 1/2 inch dice
  3. Place a large non-stick pan over med-high heat and add two tbsp of evoo (if you need fats). Spray pan with non-stick cooking spray if you need to conserve fats.
  4. Add Brussels sprouts and a bit of salt. Stir occasionally until the Brussels soften. Approx. 6-8 mins.
  5. Add diced apples and seasoning (any kind with a. smokey flavor will work).
  6. Stir occasionally until behaves are tender approx 3-5 mins. Serve up!

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