March Favorites

At the beginning of each month I round up all of my favorite items I loved for the previous month. Usually this is food and drink items. Sometimes I will throw a wild card in there such as a beauty item or supplement. Let’s jump right in!

Let’s talk beans. If you have followed me for a while you know in the past I have stayed far far away from beans. They hurt my stomach and bloat me and that is all. There is no other reason why I don’t eat them. I just don’t like a stomach ache or stomach bloat. HOWEVER, I recently started following Paleomg and she has been talking about the bean protocol. A long and more factual story short, the bean protocol is a way of eating in which you add in beans to each meal. You are suppose to take away caffeine, alcohol and sugar while you are adding in beans. Also, when you eat your beans, you are not to eat fat with the beans. So no sour cream on your burttiob bowl full of beans, Alex. The reason this bean protocol is intriguing and helpful is when you have the soulable fiber the toxins in your body that are generally recycled attach to the soluble fiber and are excreted from your body. Paleomg talks about it helping her ache. My reasoning was the exact same, to clear up some skin issues. Also, doesn’t toxins leaving the body just sound super? I am not sure why I was so scared of beans. I have been consistently eating them all month. The bloating and stomach pains went away after the first week. I don’t feel any other strange effects from the beans either. That was a long winded paragraph to say I have a favorite for the month that is a bean product. Bada bean bada boom is a little crunchy bean snack that has been my go-to afternoon snack to get those beans in. The macros not he little 100 calorie pack are ____. I think these would be a good intro to beans if you are a bit skeptical. The sriracha are bomb.

Spiraling from the beans. With the bean protocol one of the suggested requirements to be successful is to take out sugar and caffeine. WELL I wake up at 4:30am Tuesdays and Thursday to coach so not having Coffeys is not an option for me. So, my goal here is to limit my coffee and to have no sugar in my coffee. So, I am strictly using the caramel swirl Nutpods. I like this one SO much better than the organ nut pods because this one has added oat milk instead of coconut milk. Oat > Coconut. This was found at my local Sprouts and I love it!

More bean talk coming at you in the form of chick pea pasta. I have loved the Banza pasta all month long. I used the Banza noodles for my Taco Soup recipe as well as the tik tok baked feta. By the way, if you haven’t jumped not he band wagon with the baked feta, you must do it. It is really with the hype. I used data crumbles instead of the block and it turns out the exact same. Back to the Banza, I don’t love it because the macros are that much better than regular pasta, spoiler they aren’t. Banza is a touch higher in protein but there are still a good amount of carbs. I love the pasta because it is chick pea based and gluten free but also tastes legit. I love the texture and taste of the noddles. They do not taste like cardboard.

Have I completely annoyed you with all of the bean talk? LOL Okay, this is the last thing I will say about the beans. A few bean brands favorites this month 1. A Dozen Cousins. Their beans are legit. I love the Cuban Black Beans and the Mexican Cowboy Beans. They rock in burttio style bowls and mixed into eggs. Yum! I have found these at my local Publix. 2. Fillo’s Beans. These beans are also very very good. Their cuban black beans and Puterican Pink Beans are the ones I have tried. Fillo’s does have more options than ADC. You can’t go wrong with either option. The FIllo’s are a bit cheaper I noticed. Fillo’s were found at my local Sprouts.

I am a Starbucks lover through and through. I love their coffee. The burnt super strong taste is my jam. I usually but the bottled Starbucks ice coffee until (on a whim) I decided to go for the Chamelon cold brew earlier this month and wow, I love it! I love the cold brew concentrate. I like to sip on my coffee all morning so when my ice melts, it doesn’t water down my coffee. Small, very first world wins.

I hope you try these favorites of mine. If you have some favorites you think I should try please leave a comment below.

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